AR Laboratory is a full service analytical laboratory providing a broad range of microbiology, organic and inorganic analytical services to environmental consulting firms, private industry, oil companies, food industries, health and beauty companies, and government.  Our stationary and mobile laboratories have been responding to the needs of the industry and as a result have earned a reputation of being client-oriented, professional and technically superior.

A & R Mobile Labs also brings the sophistication and unique capabilities of a stationary facility to the field.  AR Laboratory is one of the few laboratories in California that provides gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analyses in the field.   Our mobile labs are dispatched to locations throughout California and are often at sites for months at a time.

AR Laboratory's facility headquartered in Riverside was developed to respond to clients' growing project needs.  The 8,000 square foot facility performs organic and inorganic and micro analyses and also serves as dispatch headquarters for the mobile laboratories.

Together our fixed lab and mobile lab facilities provide a broad range of environmental, microbiological, and analytical services including:

•�  cosmetics analysis
•�  food analysis
•�  product testing
•�  ground and surface water analysis
•�  soil and soil vapor sample analysis
•�  hazardous waste analysis and characterization profiling
•�  crude and residual petroleum analysis
•�  fuel analysis and fingerprinting
•�  soil gas survey

A & R Laboratory technical staff routinely assists environmental engineering firms in selecting the most appropriate analytical methods based upon project site characteristics and past uses.  They are also capable of recognizing chemical degradation characteristics and how those processes may impact a site investigation.  The highly qualified chemists here understand chemistry far beyond analyzing samples.

A & R Laboratory has developed a solid reputation for quick, dependable service at very competitive prices without compromising quality.  Operating systems and procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that the highest level of quality assurance/quality control is maintained.  
All of our laboratories are certified by the State of California Department of Health Services Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.  In addition, we routinely participate in random check sample analyses to maintain QA/QC.