Fixed Lab In-House Analytical Services

  • AR Laboratories provides a variety of analytical services to our clients not all of our analysis services are listed.
  • In addition to the analysis listed, we offer custom analyses of compounds not normally found in standard EPA methods. 
  • For most analyses we conduct, we offer rapid turnaround times without compromising data quality.  
  • Please contact us for any analysis not listed.
  • [TEST NAME IN BRACKETS] - denotes a package test. Not all components are listed. Please contact laboratory for this information.

Aerobic Plate Count 3M Petrifilm
Staphylococcus 3M Petrifilm Staph Expres
Salmonella spp. 9260D
Arsenic AOAC
Filth AOAC
Ash AOAC 16
Aflatoxin AOAC 991.31
Moisture AOAC16 930.15
Enterobacteriaceae APHA
Density ASTM D1475
Vol. Content of Coatings ASTM D2369
Specific Gravity ASTM D287
Sulfate ASTM D516-07
Carbonate AWWA 4500
MRSA Confirmation BD MRSA Chromagar
Listeria monocytogenes Bio Rad Rapid
Listeria spp. not L. mono Bio Rad Rapid
[TPH Gasoline (C4-C12)] CA LUFT
[TPH Gasoline by GCMS ] CA LUFT
[Potassium Nitrate] CALCULATION
Flow by Water Meter CALCULATION
Nitrogen, Total inorganic CALCULATION
Chlorothalonil (Bravo) CDF 1991 PUB
Azinphos-Methyl(Guthion) CDFA
Dichloran CDFA GC/ECD
[Carbamates] CDFA MRS
[CDFA Multipest. Residue] CDFA MRS
[Organochlorines] CDFA MRS
[Organophosphates] CDFA MRS
Chlorpyrifos in Plastic Bag CLTC 5.01
Lactobacillus CMMEF 15.422
Mold CMMEF 16.52
Yeast CMMEF 16.52
Yeast & Mold CMMEF 16.52
Aerobic Plate Count CMMEF 2.527 & 6.331
Mold-DRBC CMMEF 20.51
Yeast-DRBC CMMEF 20.51
Enterobacteriaceae, Total CMMEF 24.23
Aerobic Plate Count CMMEF 3.513
Coliform CMMEF 3.513
E. coli CMMEF 3.513
Coliform CMMEF 3.513 VRB
E. coli CMMEF 3.52
Staphylococcus aureus CMMEF 3.52
Aerobic Plate Count (20C) CMMEF 4.51
Coliform CMMEF3 59.47
Nitrogen, Ammonia ELECTRODE
Solids, Volatile EPA 160.4
Oil & Grease, Non Polar EPA 1664A
Oil & Grease, Total EPA 1664A
Salmonella spp. EPA 1682
[Hardness by Calculation] EPA 200.7
Aluminum EPA 200.7
Antimony EPA 200.7
Arsenic EPA 200.7
Barium EPA 200.7
Beryllium EPA 200.7
Boron EPA 200.7
Cadmium EPA 200.7
Calcium EPA 200.7
Chromium EPA 200.7
Cobalt EPA 200.7
Copper EPA 200.7
Iron EPA 200.7
Lead EPA 200.7
Lithium EPA 200.7
Magnesium EPA 200.7
Manganese EPA 200.7
Molybdenum EPA 200.7
Nickel EPA 200.7
Potassium EPA 200.7
Selenium EPA 200.7
Silver EPA 200.7
Sodium EPA 200.7
Thallium EPA 200.7
Titanium EPA 200.7
Vanadium EPA 200.7
Zinc EPA 200.7
Mercury EPA 245.1
Mercury, Total Dissolved EPA 245.1
Bromide EPA 300.0
Chloride EPA 300.0
Fluoride EPA 300.0
Nitrate, N EPA 300.0
Nitrogen, Nitrite EPA 300.0
Phosphate EPA 300.0
Sulfate EPA 300.0
Bromide EPA 300.1
Chlorite EPA 300.1
Metals Acid Digestion EPA 3010A
Perchlorate EPA 314.0
Sep Funnel LLE EPA 3510C
Phosphorous, Total EPA 365.3
[Pb Title 22 DI STLC ] EPA 6010B
[Pb Title 22 TCLP] EPA 6010B
Aluminum EPA 6010B
Antimony EPA 6010B
Arsenic EPA 6010B
Barium EPA 6010B
Beryllium EPA 6010B
Boron EPA 6010B
Cadmium EPA 6010B
Calcium EPA 6010B
Chromium EPA 6010B
Cobalt EPA 6010B
Copper EPA 6010B
Iron EPA 6010B
Lead EPA 6010B
Lithium EPA 6010B
Magnesium EPA 6010B
Manganese EPA 6010B
Molybdenum EPA 6010B
Nickel EPA 6010B
Potassium EPA 6010B
Selenium EPA 6010B
Silver EPA 6010B
Sodium EPA 6010B
Thallium EPA 6010B
Titanium EPA 6010B
Vanadium EPA 6010B
Zinc EPA 6010B
[Metals Title 22 & Hg] EPA 6010B & 7470
[Metals Title 22 STLC] EPA 6010B & 7470
[Metals Title 22 TCLP] EPA 6010B & 7470
[EPA 603] EPA 603
[Pesticides and PCB by 608] EPA 608
Pesticide Prep EPA 608
[VOCs by GCMS] EPA 624
2-Butanone (MEK) EPA 624
[Semi-Volatiles by 625] EPA 625
Sep Funnel LLE EPA 625
Mercury EPA 7470
Ethene Dibromide (EDB) EPA 8011
[Extractable Hydrocarbons] EPA 8015C
[Fuel Screen] EPA 8015C
[TPH Gasoline as Hexane] EPA 8015C
Methane by GC EPA 8015C
[VOCs BTEX by GC] EPA 8021B
[Pesticides and PCBs] EPA 8081 & 8082
[Pesticides] EPA 8081A
[PCBs] EPA 8082
[VOC 8010s by GCMS] EPA 8260B
[VOCs BTEX & OXYs by GCMS] EPA 8260B
[VOCs by GCMS] EPA 8260B
Ethanol EPA 8260B
[VOCs by GCMS ZHE TCLP] EPA 8260B & EPA 1311
Diacetyl EPA 8260B M
[Semi-Volatile Organics] EPA 8270C
1,4-Dioxane EPA 8270C
Chloride, Water Soluble EPA 9253
Coliform - MPN FDA  BAM CH 4
E. coli - MPN FDA BAM
Listeria monocytogenes FDA BAM
Staphylococcus aureus, CP FDA BAM
Salmonella spp. FDA BAM 8ED, CH 5
Aerobic Plate Count FDA BAM 8th Ed.
Coliform, Fecal FDA BAM CH 4
E. coli FDA BAM CH 4(VRB)
Coliform FDA BAM CH 8(VRB)
E. coli FDA BAM CH4
E. coli Confirmation FDA BAM CH4
Salmonella-375G FDA-BAM 8ED CH5
[Pesticides] GC-ECD
2,4-D GC-ECD
Bifenthrin GC-ELCD
Imazalil GC-ELCD
Triadimefon(Bayleton) GC-ELCD
Cetyl Alcohol GC-FID
Propene Glycol GC-FID
Bidrin(Dicrotophos) GC-FPD
Ethephon GC-FPD
Famphur GC-FPD
Salicylic Acid HPLC
[Sun Screen Analysis] HPLC USP
Napthalene Acetic Acid HPLC UV
Hydrogen Sulfide Jerome Analyser 631-X
[Carbamates] LUKE FDA
[Organochlorines] LUKE FDA
[Organonitrogen] LUKE FDA
[Organophosphates] LUKE FDA
Imidachlorprid LUKE II/HPLC
[Giardia & Cryptosporidium] MTD 1623 EPA 821-R01-025
Halosulfuron Methyl ON
Metalaxyl OP SCREEN
Prometryn OP SCREEN
Azoxystrobin OP/ON SCREEN
Pyraclostrobin OP/ON SCREEN
Cyhalothrin PAM 1302
E. coli Confirmation PCR
Coliform, Total Readycult, SM 9223 B
E. coli Readycult, SM 9223 B
Listeria monocytogenes Reveal
Listeria spp. Reveal
Listeria spp. not L.mono Reveal
Salmonella spp. Reveal
E. coli O157:H7 Reveal 20 HR.
Odor SM 207
Color, Platinum-Cobalt SM 2120 B
Turbidity SM 2130-B
Acidity, HCL SM 2310B
Alkalinity, Bicarbonate SM 2320B
Alkalinity, Carbonate SM 2320B
Alkalinity, Hydroxide SM 2320B
Hardness, Total as CaCO3 SM 2340 C
Specific Conductance SM 2510 B
Solids, Total Dis. Meter SM 2510-A
Salinity SM 2510B
Oil & Grease, Floatable SM 2530-C
Solids, Total Dissolved SM 2540 C
Solids, Settleable SM 2540 F
Solids, Total SM 2540, B
Solids, Total Suspended SM 2540, D
Solids, Volatile Suspended SM 2540D
Solids, Non Volatile Dissol SM 2540-E
Chromium, Hexavalent SM 3500-Cr D
Sulfite SM 428-A
pH SM 4500B
Chlorine, Total SM 4500-CL, G
Chlorine, Total Residual SM 4500-CL, G
Chloramine as Cl2 SM 4500-CL, G, h
Cyanide, Amenable SM 4500-CN C,E,G
Fluoride SM 4500F-C
pH SM 4500H+ B
pH, (Corrected To 25 Deg C) SM 4500H+ B
Nitrogen, Total Kjeldhal SM 4500-N Org C, NH3 B,C
Nitrogen, Ammonia SM 4500NH3 B,C
Nitrogen, Nitrite SM 4500NO2-B
Nitrate(N)+Nitrite(N) SM 4500NO3-E
Ozone SM 4500-O3 B
Dissolved Oxygen SM 4500-OG
Dissolved Oxygen, Field SM 4500-OG
Sulfide, Dissolved SM 4500S2 D
Sulfide, Total SM 4500S2 D
Silica SM 4500-Si D
BOD, Carbonaceous SM 5210 B
BOD, 5 Day SM 5210B
COD SM 5220 D
COD, Soluble SM 5220 D
Surfactants, MBAS SM 5540 C
Aerobic Plate Count SM 9215B
Coliform, Fecal - MPN SM 9221 B&E
Coliform, Total SM 9221B
Coliform, Total - MPN SM 9221B
Coliform, Fecal SM 9221B&E
Coliform, Fecal - MPN SM 9221B&E
E. coli SM 9221B&F
Enterococcus SM 9230B
Streptococcus, Fecal SM 9230B
Mold SM 9610C
Yeast SM 9610C
Taste SM WW18 2340-C
Bicarbonate SM2320/B
Cyanide, Total SM4500-CN C,E
Cyanide, Free SM4500-CN E
Alkalinity, Total as CaCO3 SMWW 2320B
Pseudomonas aeruginosa SMWW 9213F
Legionella SMWW 9260J
Temperature, Field THERMOMETER
Listeria monocytogenes USDA FSIS
Aerobic Plate Count USP 24 <61>
E. coli USP 24 <61>
Gram Neg Org (Macconkey) USP 24 <61>
Antimicrobial Effectiveness USP 30 <51>
Aerobic Plate Count USP 30 <61>
Confirmation USP 30 <61>
E. coli USP 30 <61>
Gram Negative Organisms USP 30 <61>
Mold USP 30 <61>
Pseudomonas aeruginosa USP 30 <61>
Salmonella spp. USP 30 <61>
Staphylococcus aureus USP 30 <61>
Yeast USP 30 <61>
Ethyl Alcohol USP GC
Chlorides USP XXX
Sodium Fluoride USP XXX
Stannous Fluoride USP XXX
Sulfates USP XXX
Heavy Metals as Lead USP XXX <231>
Transmittance UV @254NM
UV Transference UV @254NM