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Chain of Custody (COC) - Terms and Conditions

By submitting the samples to AR Laboratories the Client agrees to the following terms and conditions, unless superseded by a previous written agreement.  The Client is defined as the person or entity who submits the samples to the laboratory.  The Client's name, address and project manager must be identified on the Chain of Custody form.  If another party pays for the analyses the paying party will be considered the Client.  Third party billing must be approved in advance.

 AR Laboratories will perform the analyses requested on the Chain of Custody form using the methods for which AR Laboratories is approved by the State of California unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  At times it may be necessary to subcontract work to other laboratories.  The Client will be informed prior to any subcontracting and must approve the subcontracting.

AR Laboratories will perform the requested analyses to the best of it's ability and within holding times.  Samples must be submitted to AR Laboratories with adequate holding time remaining.  If circumstances occur which prevent the completion of the samples to the satisfaction of the Client, AR Laboratories will be liable only for the cost of the sample analysis.

AR Laboratories will perform only the analyses as described on the Chain of Custody form.  AR Laboratories will not be liable for failure of the Client to mark the correct analyses or for improper sample identification.  Any additional analysis requests must be submitted in writing or via fax.  Verbal requests must be followed up in writing to assure that the proper analyses are preformed.

At the Clients request AR Laboratories may submit preliminary results to the Client via fax.  These results may not have gone through a complete quality control review.  Therefore AR Laboratories will not be liable for actions which may be taken based on preliminary results.  Because field analyses have not been reviewed for quality they should be considered preliminary.

AR Laboratories will release results only to the Client.  AR Laboratories will only release results to others if the original Client submits authorization to AR Laboratories in writing.  If the Client is no longer available results will not be released.  Note that AR Laboratories will release results if required to by law.  All data will be discarded seven years after sample receipt.

Rush analyses must be approved by the laboratory prior to the Client submitting the samples to AR Laboratories.  AR Laboratories cannot guarantee the requested turnaround unless prior approval is given.  

All samples remain the property of the Client.  AR Laboratories will dispose of samples after 90 days.  Samples will be either returned to the client or disposed of by AR Laboratories at AR Laboratories's discretion.  AR Laboratories may charge the Client for sample disposal per quotation.

AR Laboratories reserves the right to refuse or return samples prior to analysis at our own discretion.  Failure to pay previous invoices, unusual or dangerous sample matrixes, and insufficient holding time remaining are just a few of the reasons for sample refusal.  AR Laboratories will attempt to notify the client as soon as possible if samples are refused.

PAYMENT TERMS:  The Client agrees to pay AR Laboratories for the analyses requested in accordance with prices quoted, including any rush, courier or disposal charges.  Payment terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice by AR Laboratory.  All overdue payments are subject to an additional interest and service charge of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month or portion thereof from the due date until the date of payment.  All payment must be made in United States currency.  Should default be made by Client in payment of any amount due AR Laboratories for any order or service rendered and if action be instituted to collect said sums, the prevailing party will be entitled to such additional sum as the Court may fix as reasonable attorney's fees.